Best Curved Soundbar for Curved TV

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Modern televisions are becoming thinner and thinner, and there is no space left to install a suitable built-in speaker. Especially the curved TVs that sometimes feature a coin size speaker at a corner. As a result, you miss the quality audio of your favorite TV program, movie or video game.

To conclude the argument, you need a curved soundbar that fits perfectly under your curved TV. Searching for a suitable one for your home TV can be tricky. But don’t worry, we checked and tested around 23 curved soundbars and made a list. Furthermore, we declared the best curved soundbar for curved TV at the end of the article.


Best Curved Soundbar for Curved TV: Check it before Buying

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Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar
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Samsung HW-M4500 260 Watt Curved Wireless Soundbar Samsung HW-M4500 260 Watt Curved Wireless Soundbar
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Sonos Playbase - Sleek Soundbase for TV Sonos Playbase – Sleek Soundbase for TV
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Samsung HW-H7501 8.1 Channel 320 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar Samsung HW-H7501 8.1 Channel 320 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar
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Samsung Electronics Curved Soundbar

Samsung audio devices ensure the brand’s high goodwill is correct, and HW-6500/ZA is a good example.


It is a flat designed curved soundbar that perfectly fits Samsung curved TVs. The aesthetic and sleek design blends seamlessly with the curved TV like a genuine one. It enhances the beautiful look of your curved TV to the next level. Dimensions are very suitable for many Samsung curved TV designs, and according to design, the price is quite affordable.


With a 38HZ bass response, 24-bit high-resolution audio and 96 kHz frequency, the HDMI connectivity help generate a real HD audio. Its sound+ features set the most optimum sound quality for you automatically. Equal sound distributer and wide range tweeter fill the room with equal sound. However, our experience recommends adding a subwoofer to enjoy an enhanced home theatre sound.

  • A wide range tweeter distributes equal sound in the room
  • Distortion cancellation technology enhances smooth sound
  • Distribute the right amount of bass that provides a realistic feel
  • One remote allows you to control all operations
  • You need a separate subwoofer to fill up the big room with quality sound

Key Features:

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi
  • Wide range tweeter
  • Clutter-free experience
  • Seamless mount
  • Smart sound mode
  • Nine speakers

If you want a nine-speaker, good bass producing curved soundbar at an affordable price, we highly recommend HW-6500/ZA. With its intelligent sound mode, wide-range tweeter, and enhanced connectivity, the curved soundbar provides an increased bass depth for an exciting experience.

Samsung HW-M4500 Curved Wireless Audio (best soundbar for Samsung 65 inch curved TV)

If you want to enjoy a clutter-free experience with high-quality audio in your TV lounge, then HW-M4500 Wireless curved soundbar can be your perfect companion.


The HW-M4500 comes in a sleek curved design with a subwoofer added in the box. The soundbar can fit well with all the Samsung curved TVs from 45 inches to 75 inches. Though the subwoofer design is simple, sharp edges provide an aesthetic look.


Don’t go to its unbelievable price of under 250 bucks because the HW-M4500 produces a smooth sound with perfect bass that provides a theatre experience at your home. The 2.1 channel surround sound and the HDMI connectivity provide a dynamic home audio experience with one-touch control and wireless connectivity.

  • Easy to connect and setup with Samsung TVs
  • $100 cheaper than that on Walmart
  • Sleek designs make the TV and soundbar set aesthetic
  • 2.1 channel setup produces excellent sound for a mid-sized room
  • The soundbar becomes slightly wobbling on a flat surface

Key Features:

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, HDMI, Aux, USB and Wi-Fi
  • 2.1 channel surround sound
  • Black and silver colour
  • Dynamic bass
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • 260-watt soundbar

HW-M4500 is another curved soundbar that fits most of the Samsung curved TV and generates smooth bass. Our experience indicates that 2.1 channel surrounded sound meets the HDMI connectivity to produce an enhanced theatre experience at home.

Sonos Playbase Sleek Soundbase for curved TVs

Sonos Playbase is a home theatre sound system that works like a heavy-duty audio device. The device can connect with all the modern TVs to produce an exotic sound in your room.


Sonos Playbase is a simple and elegant sound base that fits on the tabletop with TVs, regardless of their design. The flat and sleek design can adjust on any furniture and beneath the TV. Ten speakers produce crispier sound without wobbling like the Samsung HW-M4500.


It is an expensive sound base that produces unmatchable sound crisp in your mid-sized room. Although the bass is not as enhanced as other heavy-duty soundbars, the balanced frequency and ten amplified speakers help produce a solid boom and clean whisper. While resting in the room, I played apple music on it directly.

  • Directly accessible with the Apple phones
  • Handles low range sound better than others
  • The built-in subwoofer creates suitable bass
  • 10 amp speakers produce crystal clear and loud sound
  • Slightly higher in price

Key Features:

  • Brand: Sonos
  • Connectivity technology: Infrared, Optical, Wi-Fi
  • Tabletop disappearing sleek design
  • Ten amplified speakers
  • Auto-playing on Apple devices
  • Surrounded sound
  • No visible speaker or grill

Although the Sonos Playbase is an expensive option against other curved soundbars, the produced sound quality and durability justify the price. Our team enjoys the crystal clear sound with good bass in leisure hours, and it’s time for you to get it as your next sound base.

Samsung HW-H7501 8.1 Wireless Audio Soundbar (best budget soundbar for 55 inch TV)

Samsung HW-H7501 is a silver curved soundbar that allows you to mount it in a coaxial, wall or soundbar style. The soundbar comes with a separate subwoofer that makes a perfect combination for producing crispier sound.


The sleek and curvy design with a silver colour catches the eyes at the very first sight. 48.4 inches in length makes it suitable for the 55″ Samsung TVs. Like all other curved soundbars, the HW-H7501 looks aesthetic with Samsung curved TVs.


The wireless soundbar with eight speakers covers all dimensions of good flow in the room. Power of 320W for an 8.1 channel setup produces enhanced even audio that electrifies your entertainment. While testing it with Samsung 55″ TV, the produced sound with a 4K video stunned our team; we wondered why Samsung didn’t ship it with the 55″ TV.

  • 48.4 inches in length is compatible with 55″ and bigger TVs
  • Perfect for the 8.1 home theatre system
  • Sleek design provides an aesthetic look
  • Comes with a separate subwoofer for solid bass
  • Although it creates good sound but not great for RAP music

Key Features:

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • For 8.1 Channel setup
  • 320W power
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Coaxial, Wall and Soundbar mounting types
  • Remote control

According to our experience, the soundbar is best for those who purchased curved TV but are worried about the built-in sound system. Great for 8.1 home theatre setup that produces suitable bass and boom & whisper for gaming, movie and music purpose. To cut the story short, a curved soundbar with enhanced performance under 350 bucks makes it the best budget soundbar for 55 inch TV.

Buying Guide

Days had passed when built-in speakers of a TV were enough. The modern era needs new requirements for complete entertainment. Brands advanced the televisions by means and curvy TVs the most these days. If you got a curved TV, you need to get the best curved soundbar for curved TV.

A good TV with the best curved soundbar can enhance the audio quality of movies, music and video games. But what features make a soundbar suitable? We have found the following factors that make a soundbar great for an enhanced entertaining option.

Sound Quality

The first factor you should be concerned with is the sound quality. The sound quality generated by a curved soundbar is slightly better than that of the built-in TV speakers. The audio effects are different from the standard speakers due to the curbed design.

Not a giant, but little curved soundbars create dynamic 3D audio effects due to their curvy design. You should ensure that the curved soundbar you purchase has different sound effects or seems the same as usual.

Compatible Design

The second most important thing you should check is whether the curved soundbar design is compatible with your TV or is a total wastage of bucks. Non-compatible soundbars may play the audio, but they won’t look more impressive than the compatible ones.

A compatible soundbar to the TV will look great, but it will create a balanced sound that enhances the audio quality and ultimately increases entertainment. You should make sure that you buy a curved soundbar that perfectly fits your TV.

Enhanced Connectivity

Modern days require more connectivity options, starting from your phone to a separate gaming device. Because of it, companies offer different types of connectivity options like auxiliary ports, USB ports, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

All of them are excellent options for connectivity, but our continuous testing indicates that connectivity through the HDMI port generates more exotic and prominent sound quality. It will provide you with a clean and clear sound and a solid connection. You should choose the curved soundbar featuring an HDMI port.


Spending too much doesn’t guarantee good sound quality. However, you can get the best soundbar for curved tv at a reasonable price by spending wisely. After complete research, we concluded some best curved soundbar options to present you with affordable but good quality soundbars.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that typical soundbars are available in the market from a price range between $200 and $800, but quality curved soundbars come at a price range from $300 to $1000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1- Do I need to purchase a subwoofer with a curved soundbar?

The answer depends upon the model and company you buy. The best curved soundbar should have a subwoofer added to the package, so you don’t need to find it for extra bass. Though, Samsung HW-M4500 and HW-H7501 have subwoofers in their package.

2- What is the best soundbar for Samsung curved TV?

Numerous sellers are selling soundbars in the market right now, but our experience recommends you buy Samsung curved soundbar. According to our testing and Amazon reviews, HW-M4500 is the best soundbar for Samsung curved TV.

Final Verdict

It is not necessarily guaranteed that the best curved soundbar for curved TV comes at a high price. You can do research for getting the best one for you. However, after researching so many soundbars and soundbase, we present to you some best models in this article. These are some recommendations from our panel.

  • Samsung HW-M4500 Curved Wireless Audio (best soundbar for Samsung 65 inch curved TV)
  • Sonos Playbase Sleek Soundbase for curved TVs

Suppose you want to buy a curved soundbar for your Samsung curved TV, then HW-M4500 would be great as it is suitable for 55″ to 75″ models. And if you want a tabletop, hidden design soundbase, then nothing is better than that of the Sonos. However, read out the other product reviews for better decisions. Stay blessed!

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