Best Soundbar for Philips Tv

Phillips is a well-known name in the electronics industry. Philips manufactures some of the best televisions on the market today. Due to their stunning display and sharp image quality, they provide their viewers with a cinematic effect. The colors are also quite vibrant, and Philips televisions are popular with practically everyone. Its sole flaw is that the sound quality is not up to par. To improve your sound experience, you can buy soundbars at a very reasonable price.

Soundbars are great for Philips TVs because they create surround sound and give the impression of being in a theatre. The visual quality on Philips TVs is already excellent, so altering the sound with soundbars enhances the viewing experience. However, before purchasing any soundbar, make sure it is compatible with your television. Also, compare the number of speakers it has to the number of speakers you want for a better audio experience.

How to Connect Soundbar to Phillips TV:

The soundbars can be connected to the Phillips TV by various connection methods. It sometimes becomes confusing to establish a connection if you do not understand the connecting techniques.

To properly guide my readers, I tried some soundbars and learned about their connection methods, which I will detail below.

There are three main options with which you can connect your Soundbar to Philips Tv:

HDMI ARC connection
Digital optical connection
RCA analog connection

HDMI and Digital optical connections process advanced audio technology. First, to connect the Soundbar through HDMI ARC, check if the TV supports the HDMI cable. If the Soundbar supports HDMI, the ARC will convert the audio to a digital stream and send it to the Soundbar. To make the connection, plug the HDMI wire from the Soundbar into the TV’s HDMI port, choose ARC input on the Soundbar, and you are good to go.

To connect through digital audio output, join one end of the cable to the Soundbar and the other end to the jack, which says digital out. After making secure connections, please turn on the TV and create any remaining necessary settings.

Most Philips TVs need DAC to convert digital signal to analog signal for RCA analog connection. After that, you need to connect the cable as it is done in the case of digital audio output.

6 Best Sound Bars for Phillips TV

1- Sony S100F 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

I heard about Sony soundbars from many people. I tested this one before reviewing it and found that it has a pretty clear sound, and it can get louder in small spaces. It creates surround sound with the help of left and right speakers. So, if you are searching for the best Soundbar for Philips smart tv, then Sony S100 2.0 can help you quite a lot.

It is a low-cost soundbar suited for modest installations and room TVs. When it comes to its design, it has a metal grill on the front that prevents dust from accumulating. All the controls are located on the top of the Soundbar, made of faux leather to give it a luxurious appearance. The body is made entirely of high-quality plastic.

It has an easy setup and offers very simple connectivity to the TV. It is quite simple to connect it to a TV via HDMI. When TV is turned on, the Soundbar syncs with it; when turned off, the Soundbar turns off. It can be placed immediately under the television, on the wall with seamless integration. The only thing you need to care about is mute your tv while using it because otherwise, it creates an echo effect that is unpleasant to the ears.
Slim and smart design for small room spaces
Good performance on maximum sound as well
Easy to set up
High sound quality
Music playback with Bluetooth or USB
Give the effect of deep and quality surround sound
The sound is not adequately high for open areas

Brand: Sony
Speaker type: Soundbar
Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Bluetooth
Weight: 5.3 pounds
Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 35.4

The Sony S100F 2.0ch soundbar is best for small spaces, and it provides clear voices for small rooms. It is very easy to assemble, making it one of the best soundbars for Philips TV.

2- Philips 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Philips 2.0 Channel soundbar provides very powerful sound for tv. Its compact design and metallic grill construction complement the modern home decor. It is best for Philips as well as any other tv. The sound it gives is true to life, and this Soundbar makes sure to provide you with the best experience possible, considering how the human ear processes sound.

It comes with very flexible connectivity, and you can place it on the wall or on a tabletop or whatever is suitable for you. It can be connected to the Philips tv via a digital optical or analog connection. It is pretty simple to set up and gives superior sound and cinematic effect at home with its surround sound technology.

It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect any audio device to it and listen to music. You may also use the 3.5mm audio port to connect your device and listen to your favorite music. Despite having fewer than five speakers, it produces excellent sound.
Compact and smart design for home décor
Good surround sound, which sounds realistic to human ears
Works well with TV, mp3 players, gaming consoles, and DVD
Easy setup
Bluetooth connection for enjoying your favorite music
It gives a cinema-like effect at home
Bluetooth connectivity does not work sometimes

Brand: Philips
Item model number: HTL1508/37
Speaker type: Soundbar
Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth
Weight: 5.15 pounds
Dimensions: 37.8 x 2.5 x 3

I consider this Philips 2.0 channel soundbar the best Soundbar for Philips Ambilight tv. I discovered it to have an excellent sound quality and various connecting possibilities during my testing. It works with nearly all modern devices, including smartphones and tablets.

3- Denon DHT-S517 Sound Bar

Denon is the most respected company in producing audio devices. Denon DHT- S517 Soundbar is one of the best soundbars for Philips tv to convert the TV into a home theatre. I tested this device completely and to present this review. It has a 3D audio system and dialogue enhancer, which gives you clear sounds and dialogues while watching your favorite program.

The Soundbar is very easy to use; you may position it on a shelf or table, or it may be readily mounted on the wall with the help of the holes behind the Soundbar. Fabric covers the top and half of the front, while black plastic covers the rest. All of the controls are located on the sound bar’s top side. It contains two HDMI ports and LED lights that show what operation the Soundbar is doing.

You have three settings to choose from, depending on your preferences. to enjoy the best sound: movie mode, music mode, and night mode. It also has a Bluetooth connection which smart devices can be connected to it to play any music track or podcasts.
Compact and smart design
3D audio feature
Easy setup and easy to use
Compatible with all TVs
It comes with a separate subwoofer set
No DTS support

Brand: Denon
Speaker type: Soundbar
Connectivity: HDMI, ARC or digital optical input, Bluetooth, USB
Weight: 5.5 pounds
Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.3 x 41.3

While testing this Soundbar, I was impressed with its sound quality and how it provides different sound modes according to different scenarios. Its easy connectivity and easy installation make it the best choice for your Philips TV.

4- Philips B7305 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

Philips 2.1 soundbar is probably the best Philips soundbar with a subwoofer setup. I tried this Soundbar and was blown away by the sound quality and effects. This Soundbar gives you a rich and deep sound, and due to its clarity, you can hear all the details of the sound very precisely.

The slanting geometrical design of this Soundbar is quite lovely. It has a grill made of plastic. The sound bar’s controls are located at the top, and the best part is that they are touch buttons. This Soundbar does not require an additional remote; it can be controlled using the same remote to manage your TV. The Soundbar also features LED indicators on the side.

It comes with a beautiful sound woofer design. Its sound woofers look plain and simple, and it simply feels like it is just a side table in the room. These woofers add additional bass to the sound and enhance your watching experience. It comes with various connectivity options like HDMI, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth.

Wireless subwoofers
Metallic grill for clearer sound
Easy installation
Powerful sound
Unique slanting geometrical design
Tv remote can be used to operate this Soundbar
No HDMI cables

Brand: Philips
Speaker type: Soundbar
Connectivity: HDMI ARC, optical, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm AUX
Channels: 2.1
Power: 300-Watt output
Warranty: 1 year

I am a great fan of this Philips 2.1 channel soundbar, and I adore its stylish design and tremendous sound. Its wireless woofer is amazing, and this is one of the best soundbars for Philips TV to enhance your viewing and listening experience.

5- Bose Smart Sound Bar 700

Bose stylish soundbar 700 is the most advanced Soundbar considering its smart connectivity and sound quality. It provides immersive sound with 3D effects. It has a very elegant design that adds to your home décor and perfectly fits a room.

The built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to give voice commands to the Soundbar and operate it, is my favorite feature of this Soundbar. Having voice control is a wonderful thing. You can also use Alexa to make phone calls using this Soundbar. Alexa can also control your television. This smart Soundbar is the Best Soundbar for Philips smart TV.

It has multiple connectivity options. You can connect it with a Wi-Fi network, apple airplay, and you can even connect via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music. It is compatible with Philips smart Tv and other Bose smart devices like Bose speakers and Bose headphones. It also allows connecting headphones separately to get a private voice connection.

Noise-free mic
Excellent app control
Great surround sound
Smart remote to control
Private headphone connection option
Built-in Alexa and google assistant
Lack on bass

Brand: Bose
Speaker type: Soundbar
Connectivity: Wi-Fi network, HDMI, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay
Weight: 10.5 pounds
Product Dimensions: 4.25 x 38.5 x 2.25 inches
App control: Bose Music app

If you do not mind spending money, the Bose smart soundbar is ideal because it offers a wide range of connectivity possibilities, including voice commands to Alexa. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices and is the finest choice for Philips smart TV.

6- Pheanoo Sound Bar with Subwoofer 2.1 Channel

Last but not least, the best Soundbar for Philips tv is the Pheanoo soundbar with a subwoofer 2.1 channel. I found it in the market at a low cost and decided to try it. Compared to its price, its audio quality is high. However, its construction is just fine, and its plastic is not of premium quality. But we are mainly interested in sound quality, and in that case, it is competitive with other brands available on the market.

It has powerful woofers, which give you a cinematic effect at home. It can be easily connected to a TV or other devices. It is designed so that speech and dialogue are preferred and come first. It has four sound modes to switch between 3D, news, music, and movie mode.

The accessories that come with it are HDMI cable, optical and AUX cable, remote control, subwoofers., and mounting bracket. It offers various connectivity options.: a wireless Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, optical, AUX, and USB drive. All these features are incredible for a low-cost soundbar.
High-quality sound for small to medium spaces
Low at cost
Stable connectivity with various connectivity options
Clear sound without any distortion
3D surround sound
Dialogue and speech preference
Slightly low-quality construction
Some apps may not work with it

Brand: Pheanoo
Speaker type: Soundbar subwoofer
Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, AUX
Weight: 13.2 pounds
Product Dimensions: 16 x 36.5 x 7 inches
Mounting type: Wall mount

I wasn’t expecting such a high sound performance at this low price, but I found it incredibly good for small to medium-sized rooms. Its woofers have deep bass sound with 3D quality. It is value for money with its theatre sound effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)-Out of the available connectivity types, which connection type is best to set up the Soundbar?

A soundbar can be connected to the Philips tv: HDMI cable, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB, digital optical, and RCA analog connection. But the best choice is considered an HDMI cable because it transmits high-quality audio and is compatible with almost all soundbars.

2)-Can we only connect Philips soundbars to Philips tv?

It is not the case. Technically you can connect any soundbar to the Philips tv provided that the Soundbar supports the connectivity type of that TV and gives you the required sound quality. Mostly HDMI is the preferred connectivity method.

3)-How can I choose the best Soundbar for me?

It depends on where you will place that Soundbar and what quality and design you expect from it. Consider its construction and how it will look in your room. Also, if you have a bigger space, you can look for targeted woofers. Look for connectivity options available to you. And if you are too lazy to use the remote, you can go for a smart soundbar that supports Alexa.

Final Verdict

Soundbars are becoming more and more famous due to their high-quality sound to assist tv and give its customers a home theatre experience. Most of these are pocket friendly, so by spending just a couple of bucks, you can enhance your TV-watching experience.

All soundbars mentioned in this article have their specifications, and all are top choices for the best Soundbar for Philips tv. My top picks among the 6 best soundbars discussed above are:

  • Philips 2.0 Channel Sound Bar
  • Philips B7305 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
  • Bose Smart Sound Bar 700

Whichever you choose for your Philips TV, you must check all your requirements and find the one that is best suited for you. This is an excellent complement to your everyday routine, and you will love purchasing one for yourself.

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