Do OLED TVs Need a Soundbar?

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OLED TVs need a soundbar because the speaker that comes with the OLED TVs is not powerful to produce a good sound. One of the most notable features of OLED TVs is their amazing picture quality. However, some people are likely less aware of their incredible sound quality.

So, Do OLED TVs Need a Soundbar, or is the audio from these TVs “good enough”?

Owning a soundbar for your OLED TV, as well as for your television in general, comes with several benefits. A particular advantage of OLED TVs is that they are very thin and usually only contain two small speakers. These can’t produce an excellent quality sound because they aren’t big enough or powerful enough.

It is important to note that some TV speakers sound better than others regarding sound quality.

Some TVs sound pretty good, even without the use of a soundbar. But there are some excellent reasons to invest in a soundbar when it comes to OLED TVs. There are a number of reasons why investing in a sound bar could be a good idea. We will discuss a couple of them in the following section.

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The Benefits of Using a Soundbar with an OLED TV

Easy to Set Up

Soundbars are self-contained devices that can easily and quickly connect to a TV to enjoy the sound. The soundbar is an excellent alternative to traditional home theater systems that may require complicated setups, as it can easily and quickly connect to a TV. 

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a technology that allows you to connect a soundbar to your TV via just one HDMI channel, and you are good to go. Of course, you will also need a power cable to connect the soundbar to your TV.

Soundbars Have Multiple Speakers

The majority of the sound is recorded on five channels. The majority of TVs, on the other hand, have just two speakers. This means that those five different channels of information are combined so that you can hear them through the 2-channel system on your TV. 

In movies and TV shows, this can make dialog difficult to understand. There is a difference between soundbars and speakers. They are equipped with several speakers capable of reproducing audio with the use of all five channels of information placed inside of them.

It is also possible for some soundbars to create virtual surround sound by projecting sound all around the room as part of the soundbar.

Better Sound Quality

The soundbar with an OLED TV usually sounds far better than the speakers with an OLED TV. Many TVs don’t have decent speakers that can produce a good sound because the speakers aren’t powerful or large enough.

In particular, this is the case with OLED televisions, which have bezels so thin that large speakers cannot be fitted into them, partly due to the thin bezels of the TVs.

TVs are generally equipped with only two speakers that produce 20 watts each. As far as sound reproduction is concerned, these are primarily “midrange” speakers that can be seen as a jack of all trades in terms of their ability to reproduce sound to a large extent.

They can handle a wide range of sound frequencies, but they cannot produce deep bass sounds like a subwoofer would be able to produce.

Subwoofer Often Included

Many soundbars come with subwoofers as part of the package. Subwoofers are large speakers usually hidden behind a TV stand or other piece of furniture. 

In movies, you can hear them during explosions or thunderstorms. These speakers produce those big booming bass sounds. It is possible to enhance your movie experience by getting one of these, and you can also add more depth to your movies. 

However, they can also serve as an excellent counterbalance to the other speakers, better suited to play midrange or high-frequency sounds and take some of the load off of them. Even some soundbars come with built-in subwoofers and additional drivers to provide a center channel and a subwoofer.


To get a good sound out of an OLED TV, you should get a sound bar since TV speakers generally aren’t powerful or large enough to produce a good sound. OLED TVs, such as those made by Sony, can create an excellent level of sound because the entire screen is used as a speaker, and that’s why they are so popular.

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