How to Connect Bose Soundbar to Tv?

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Several Bose soundbars and entertainment centers have advanced voice-control technologies, letting users listen and enjoy the Audio or music at any time. Soundbars are equipped with tech, enabling them to function with every Television, irrespective of the point, whether it is modern or older. So if you want to connect your TV with a soundbar, do not be concerned about how to connect Bose soundbar to TV. The reason is we are here with the possible ways for this connection.


Number of ways to connect Bose soundbar to Television

Three significant ways are there to connect Bose soundbar to TV. Which Bose soundbar you select, what your Television can do, and what you have on hand are the measures that determine which one of the three ways is utilized. If your Television is older, adaptors are accessible. If your Television is recent, it may connect through HDMI, Bluetooth, or optical.

Among these three, the most effective and reliable method to connect Bose Soundbar to Television is HDMI. The reason to call HDMI best is that connection through HDMI offers the best and finest sounds quality. After HDMI, Optical and then Bluetooth connection is considered reliable.

Connect Bose soundbar to TV via HDMI

The process of connecting a Bose soundbar to a TV through HDMI is a little more complex than you may assume.HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) based TV is required for this purpose. If you are connecting a soundbar to such TVs, a particular port style is required. HDMI ARC ports are available for most of the new TVs that use HDMI ARC. However, it is recommended to cross-check your User-Manual to be sure.

Step 1: Turn off your soundbar and TV

Do not forget to switch off your Bose soundbar as well as your TV. Double-check this point before connecting.

Step 2: Take an HDMI cable

Get yourself an HDMI cable. HDMI ARC has the advantage of being compatible with normal HDMI cables. Just about every HDMI cable can suffice for this purpose.

Step 3: Connection of the cable’s ends

Connect one end with the HDMI ARC port of the TV while the other end with the Audio Out port of your Bose soundbar.

Step 4: Change the setting of your TV

Adjust the audio output settings of the Television. Switch to the Bose soundbar output. As you are using the HDMI ARC port, you sometimes need to allow the ARC in the settings of your TV to be enabled.

Step 5: Enable CEC and change the setting.

Allow the CEC in the setting of TV to be enabled. Some televisions’ language may change, so consult your owner’s handbook.

In your soundbar’s setting, set the audio input. You can adjust it either by using the setting menu or physically. Now, you can listen to the Audio on your TV.

Connect Bose soundbar to your TV via optical cable

For this purpose, you must have an optical cable with a length that can reach both TB and Bose soundbar. You also require a TV that allows optical outputs. You have to be sure that our soundbar supports your connection because, unlike HDMI, the optical connection is not accepted by any soundbar. The easiest steps for this purpose are given below;

1st step: Get an Optical cable and connect one end with your soundbar while the other end with the optical port of the TV.

2nd step: Open the “Audio setting” from your Television and change this setting to “Optical.”

3rd step: Change the Audio source setting to “Digital” from your soundbar.

4th step: Now check if you can hear the audio or not. If Yes, then Congrats.

Connect Bose soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth

This strategy will only work if your Bose soundbar and your TV have Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, you must remind that the approach does not suit the older televisions. For the Television without Bluetooth option, you will need an adaptor for connection. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps;

1st step: Long press the Bluetooth option present on the soundbar.

Note: As each version might have a different way of pairing, hence double-check to see which sort of indicator light you should look for.

2nd step: From your TV, search for the “Bluetooth menu” and look for the Bose soundbar from the suggested list of devices.

3rd step: After finding the Bose Soundbar, Pair your TV with it.

4th step: Play anything on your TV device to check if it is right paired and working well to listen to your required Audio.

Wrapping up

Mounting Bose soundbar with your Television is straightforward no matter which type you have. With HDMI ARC and Optical connections, newer TV has the greatest value; however, there is a method to access your outdated TV through Bluetooth. Since sound quality may deteriorate while listening through Bluetooth, it is not advised until you have HDMI ARC and optical connectionorHDMI ARC.

So after reading the article, you might have learned how to connect Bose soundbar to TV. Out of the three connection methods, the best one is connecting using HDMI. The most important consideration when purchasing a TV speaker system is whether the system users will connect with that Television or not. Now, Bose soundbar has eliminated this worry. Cheers.

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