How to Connect Vizio Soundbar to WIFI

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Vizio soundbar is a device that transmits HD quality sound from your Television. This sound system can improve the quality of audio of your Television sound while watching movies. You can enjoy playing video games with this great sound system.

The Vizio soundbar can also be connected by wifi to get updates and experience other features. The additional feature of the wifi connection in Vizio is very beneficial. Your soundbar will automatically download the latest update and install it. Furthermore, over time, you can face issues with your soundbar. It needs to be updated. So, this sound system requires frequent updates to fix bugs and other issues and increase performance.

The soundbar will automatically stop working if it does not get updated. For this purpose, the Vizio soundbar needs to be connected to a wifi connection for updates and efficient performance.

You can connect Vizio to your home network, and it can get all updated from Vizio. It would not be difficult for you to read and follow proper procedures to connect Vizio soundbars to wifi. The steps are straightforward to follow.


How to Connect Vizio Soundbar to WIFI

Required Tools

In the initial step, before proceeding further, you should have the following tools ;

  1. Smartphone to install the application
  2. Wifi connection
  3. Installed Vizio Smartcast APP on your  modern gadget or smartphone
  4. Vizio Soundbar Device

The guidelines to connect your soundbar are given below.

Install Vizio SmartCast App

First, you have to download the Vizio SmartCast App on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store. Play Store is for Android users and App Store for IOS.

Smartphone connection with wifi:

Then you have to make sure that you have connected your smartphone to the wifi on which your Vizio Smartcast App is installed. Your smartphone should have an excellent wifi connection. By using a smartphone, you can automatically install the necessary software that will increase the performance of your device.

Switching to wifi Setup mode

Press the menu button by Vizio remote and switch your soundbar on wifi mode. After pressing the button, you can select wifi setup mode. You can select the feature by using a remote control. Moreover, while operating the Vizio remote, you need to know that the selection is also made by pressing the play/pause button.

Ready to Connect with Soundbar in Pairing Mode

A flash will blink after all these steps, indicating that your Vizio soundbar is in pairing mode and ready to connect with your wifi. When your soundbar goes into pairing mode, you have to switch to your smartphone and open the previously installed Vizio Smartcast Application.

Click on Vizio Smartcast App

You have to first click on the app icon and open it. The home screen will appear. On the left-top corner, you will find three dots. Click on it, and have a context. Then Click on the Device setting at the bottom, which will take you to further options.

Click on Option of Vizio Devices

By clicking on the device setting,you will see Vizio Devices. After that, click on Add a new device. Then follow all the instructions on the screen, and as a result, your soundbar will be connected to your wifi.

Now you can get the advantage of the new updates from Vizio. We hope these guidelines will help you connect your Vizio Soundbar.

Updating Vizio Sound Bar Firmware

Whenever there is a new update, the device installs the updates. But before that, you should fulfill the following requirements.

Connection of your Soundbar to wifi

If you do not install these updates, you may experience firmware issues that cause the system to malfunction and badly affect the operating system. To connect to the system’s wifi network, you need to consider purchasing a high-quality smartphone.


Updating Firmware from the SmartCast App

You have to go to the Settings menu to check for available updates in the application, choose the system, then hit the Check for Updates button. Now, confirm that you upgrade your software by tapping yes on the screen.

Your sound system will shut down and download the most recent version when you select yes from the drop-down menu. No confirmation is required if there are no accessible updates. 


  • Can I connect my Vizio soundbar to wifi without a remote?

Yes, you can connect your soundbar to wifi without a remote by installing the Vivio Soundcast app or by connecting a USB keyboard to your Vizio TV.

  • What if I face a problem in connecting my soundbar to wifi?

If you are still finding difficulty in the connection and wifi is not connecting, check your internet connection’s strength. Restart your wifi and your device.

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