Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode

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The Vizio Soundbar comes with a wide range of exciting features. You can always have a lot of fun playing around with them and trying to figure out what you can do once you figure out how they work. Adjusting specific settings can be difficult in many cases because they can sometimes seem highly technical. Yet in most cases, they can be relatively simple to use. A feature of the Vizio Soundbar that is unique is its Eco Mode.

This article provides you with a detailed description of what the Vizio Soundbar Eco mode does and how you can use it for your benefit. Throughout this post, we will discuss Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode and how to turn it on and off.


What Is the Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode

The following section of the article explains what eco mode is for and how to get the most out of it. This feature and its settings are exclusive to Vizio Soundbars and do not apply to similar products or soundbars from other manufacturers or brands.

You probably want to know what Eco Mode does. Eco Mode may come in handy when you want your Soundbar to remain in standby mode. Although it does not turn it off, it will keep it inactive for a short time.

You will not lose the content you were listening to after turning off the echo mode. After you turn off the echo mode, you can continue listening where you left off. The mechanism is somewhat similar to when you put your computer to sleep.

How to Turn On the Eco Mode

The Vizio TV remote can be used to run in Eco Mode. You can find the settings on the soundbar if you use it to enable it. You can access the locations of the Eco Mode by clicking the Next or Previous buttons. To activate the mode, select Enable.

Advantages of Eco Mode

Having your Soundbars set to Eco Mode will provide you with many benefits in the long run. If you choose to use an eco mode with your soundbar, you may want to consider the following things.

You Can Continue Where You Left Off

The echo mode allows you to listen to the same media a second time while it is on. The Soundbar doesn’t need to be turned off and on again, so you can continue playing the previous track right away.

You Can Control It Easily with A Remote

It is possible to easily control specific settings with the Vizio TV remote control when Eco mode is enabled. You can also activate the Soundbar by pressing the volume up button on the TV remote control. With the TV remote, you can also control the volume of the Soundbar.

Saves Power

When the Soundbar is in Eco mode, the least amount of battery is used. This means you don’t have to turn the Soundbar off to save power. While using the Soundbars in Eco Mode will help preserve battery life if the Soundbars are left on while not in use, they will use a lot of power when they are not being used.


A handy feature of the Vizio Sound Bar is its Eco Mode. In my opinion, this is a very comfortable setting and can be interpreted as a sleep mode for your Soundbar. Vizio Soundbar Eco Mode offers several advantages, including power savings and going back to where you left it when you first started using it. The most convenient thing about these is that you do not have to turn them on again whenever you need to use them.

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