Vizio Sound Bar Static (Easy Steps In 2023)

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Vizio sound bars are usually affected by other devices in the vicinity or by devices connected to them via Bluetooth or any wireless connection. On the other hand, the hardware itself might cause problems.

Occasionally, Vizio sound bars may suffer from static noise. Typically, this means your television’s cable or satellite connection is malfunctioning, causing the failure inside the television itself. However, this could occur for any number of reasons.

So, in order to fix the Vizio sound bar static problem, you need to identify the source of the noise and its timing.

Let’s figure out proper solutions of Vizio sound bar static noise.

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Vizio Sound Bar Static – Proper Solutions and Recommendations (5 Easy Steps)

Following are the solutions and recommendations you need to apply to avoid Vizio sound bar static noise and distortion.

  • Audio Cables should be connected firmly
  • Look for any wireless interferences
  • Connect the sound bar with other source device and test for static noise  
  • Verify source is using PCM audio
  • Look if source is mute
  • Read your Vizio sound bar manual
  • Look for professional assistance
  • Claim warranty

Audio Cables should be connected firmly

To ensure a stable connection between the audio cables and the sound bar, each connector must be tightly connected. When the speaker’s connectors are not fully inserted, it is possible that some noise can be heard through the speaker.

Alternatively, there is also the possibility that the audio cables connecting the audio source to the sound bar are not functioning correctly. These cables could be damaged. You can try to see if your problem can be solved by switching to a different cable instead of the ones you are currently using.

As you know, both video and audio sources can be connected to Vizio sound bars. The sound bar must be connected to the source device’s audio output port to play audio. This will be indicated on the sound bar.

Look for any wireless interferences

If you want to ensure that the Vizio sound bar is not affected by any wireless signals that may be sent from other devices, you should keep those devices far away. The sound bar might be affected by wireless signals coming from other devices. Among the many different devices which cause interference with each other are wireless routers and mobile phones. The wiring and grounding in your home should also be checked.

Connect the sound bar with other source device and test for static noise  

Look at if the issue persists when you play the same content on a different device on the sound bar. It is most likely that the problem lies with the external device if the other device exhibits the same problem. There may be a problem with the cables that connect to a particular device if static sound or noise is heard only on one device.

You can also connect the Vizio sound bar to a different input source to confirm that it works perfectly. In the case of audio work, the problem is likely to be with the previous input you used on the speaker.

Verify source is using PCM audio

For sources connected by an optical cable, and you hear no audio, but hear static noise, confirm that the source device is using PCM audio. The optical connection will only be able to handle certain types of audio with some limitations.

Read your Vizio sound bar manual

For specific troubleshooting information, always refer to your Vizio sound bar manual. This is highly recommended.

Look for professional assistance

When none of the other methods seem to address the issue, it may be necessary to look for professional guidance. A professional is very likely to be able to resolve this issue quickly.

Claim warranty

Most sound bars come with a two- or three-year warranty. So, replacing the sound bar is also an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Vizio speaker crackling?

Having advanced audio settings may lead to crackling sounds on your Vizio sound bar. Disable STS TruVolume from the Advanced Audio menu to see if the crackling noises continue.

Why is my Vizio soundbar buzzing?

In some cases, the humming and buzzing can be caused by improperly or loosely connected cables. Disconnect and reconnect all the cables in order to get the best audio results.

How do I update Vizio sound bar?

After connecting to the Internet, select Settings from the menu, choose System and then Check for Updates. When prompted, click Yes to confirm you’d like to check for updates.

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